The second ingredient completing the tightly knit rhythm section of REVOICED is the low and incomparably smooth voice of Rolin Alexis. Rolin’s naturally low vocal talent is a rarity to come by and just like a four leaf clover, you need to snatch it up when you find it. Rolin is all of that and then some in the eyes of his bandmates and fans.

Originally from Tallahassee, FL, Rolin grew up in a religious household where music was omnipresent. He was constantly embedded in the joyous sounds of Kirk Franklin and countless other Gospel sensations all while learning that he was able to sing along quite easily. However, with his voice dropping at the age of twelve, Rolin became timid and retreated into his passion of drawing. His vivid imagination coupled with the innate ability to depict visual details meticulously via hand had Rolin spending his early years honing his skills as a visual artist.

It wasn’t until later in life, and with the help of a close friend, that Rolin became fully aware of his vocal gift. Convinced to lean into his uniquely low vocal talent, Rolin joined countless vocal ensembles and enthralled all that listened. This resulted in a pursuit towards a degree in vocal performance along side his visual art passion at Florida State University.

Upon graduation from FSU, Rolin set out on a quest to put his voice and newfound confidence to use. Having always been blown away with the high standards of Walt Disney World entertainment, Rolin set his sights there above all else. However, his dream of Disney didn’t come so easily. Competing against some of the best entertainers in the world, Rolin had to persist through several auditions and declinations. While in pursuit of his Disney dream, Rolin’s talent brought him to Universal Studios where he was featured in their Holiday Spectacular “Grinchmas”. Day in and day out, he astounded listeners with his amazing take on the famous “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch”. However, Disney was still his ultimate goal. Through his tenacity and patience Rolin eventually earned highly sought after positions in The Dapper Dans barbershop quartet and the world famous Voices of Liberty at Epcot Center.

In 2013 Rolin secured a spot singing with Rockapella where he met Chris. Rolin and Chris immediately hit it off and formed a strong bond revolving around strong life principles, work ethic, music, Disney, video games, and comic books. Come February of 2014, Rolin was traveling the world with REVOICED providing a smoothness and soul that no REVOICED audience experienced prior.

Being an individual that gravitates towards truth and doesn’t stop until he’s reached his goal, Rolin has been the perfect fit in REVOICED.