Whether experiencing REVOICED live in concert or simply enjoying any of their digital media, the thump and crack of all of the drum sounds heard are being created vocally by Justin. Justin’s ability to replicate the percussive sounds of drum kits, on stage and in the studio, has earned him endless praise from fans, judges, and several Grammy Award winning producers. This impeccable skill coupled with his musicianship and showmanship make Justin a percussive force to be reckoned with.

Justin currently resides in Boston, MA however his musical roots travel back to his childhood and education in Dayton, OH. Inspired by his older brother’s passion and involvement in music, Justin followed suit and joined his school’s highly acclaimed vocal program to remain close with his brother. It was then that Justin began to see his musical path emerge before him and the spark from which he found his voice, charisma, and overall sense of being that everyone has come to fall in love with today.

Justin became proficient in all that he could to fill his growing insatiable desire for “more”. Performing, arranging, recording and editing audio, and vocal drumming, became his quest. His musical preferences gravitated to the “earworms” of Maroon 5, Pentatonix, and the catchy and danceable hits of the K-Pop sensation, BTS.

Frequently feeling as though the world was pushing down on him, Justin’s expanding involvement in music provided him the emotional liberation he sought to rise above the persistently looming grey clouds. “Music has a way of making me feel like I’m a part of something larger than myself and my ability to perform provides me with some of the only times where I’m able to feel like myself.” Music provides Justin with a strong sense of community and purpose and has only continued to mature since.

A firm believer in that everything happens for a reason and leads us where we’re meant to be, Justin is beyond grateful to be able to be his best self on stage with REVOICED.