For as long as Chris can remember, his parents made it a point of introducing music into his life at an early age. Some of his oldest memories consist of him listening to sing-a-long cassette tapes in the car and bouncing around the family room to Disney musicals. As Chris got older, one of his favorite times of year was when he and his mom would ring in each holiday season by listening to The Carpenters Christmas Portraits record together. To date, the voice of Karen Carpenter immediately transports Chris away from moments of strife to a mental fortress of solitude full of calming childhood memories. Chris grew up in Smithtown, NY, and thanks to the support of his family, he was encouraged to experience as much as he possibly could. This support helped Chris succeed in countless scholastic endeavors, sports (soccer, swimming, track & field), and helped him find his way into choir at an early age. The added push from his choir director, coupled with seeing the Backstreet Boys and Justin Timberlake live in concert, solidified in Chris’ mind that he needed to keep music in his life. However, he vowed to do it with more of a purpose. Spawning from his love of groups such as The Beach Boys, The Temptations, Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, and countless more, Chris envisioned a group that aimed to inspire individuals while being able to give something back to communities. In 2012, and after several professional musical accomplishments, Chris decided to turn down an opportunity to sing along side Andy Williams in Branson, Missouri to begin his passion project… REVOICED. This venture began with several bumps in the road but through Chris’ relentless nature and tenacity, REVOICED has triumphed and matured into the multifaceted ensemble that you see and hear today.