Post tour wrap – up

Malaysia and Indonesia are home to the kindest and most sincere individuals that we have had the pleasure of meeting. Everywhere we went we were greeted with open and loving arms by everyone and I honestly wish that we had more downtime with many of them. It was amazing how total strangers that barely spoke English were able to make all of us feel as though we had a deeply rooted past with regardless. We were greeted with so much respect, warmth, and kindness that it was almost overwhelming! Having the privilege to experience their diverse / kaleidoscope of cultures in both countries was truly an eye-opening experience for all of us. 

Rolin : 

“Getting to know so many individuals from this area of the world and conversing with them about our respective home countries, was amazing. Everyone I spoke to lit up with so much curiosity and pride when I told them about my amazing time in their amazing countries that they get to call ‘home’.”

Chesney : 

“One of the most powerful things for me was being embedded in muslim countries and seeing the contrast from what we’ve been led to believe in the US. It was really great to be embraced by those communities and to see the ‘human’ side of things as opposed to what you see on the news.”

Mark : 

“In a time where it’s so easy to be isolated from each other, music brings us together. Despite what else is going on, music connects us all and that’s what happened with us. We shared our music, we learned new music and dances, and we exchanged stories with new friends that will last a lifetime.”

Nate : 

“… i just need to go back. It was amazing That’s it.”

* thanks Nate. Great contribution ya bozo.*

In the seven years that REVOICED has been around, we’ve had the privilege of experiencing some indescribable moments. I have to say that representing the United States abroad really takes the cake. Never in a million years did I think that I’d have the honor of representing the United States overseas, with something that started out in my head as just a silly hobby. I was deeply humbled and oftentimes found myself speechless. I really hope that this isn’t the only time I get to go to these two beautiful countries. It was a dream experience for me and one that I’ll never forget. 


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