The year was 1986 and the date was April 29th. According to many, it wasn’t your ideal day. It was slightly rainy, a bit overcast, and was described as “hashtag not great” by Mark’s Grandmother. The human race trudged through this April 29th with the kind of melancholy blues that you hear about in pop songs of today. Little did the world know what was in store for them later that day.

Promptly at 2:37 in the PM, a glorious new life in the form of Mark Warren Bartholemue Hasman burst on to the scene with gusto only rivalled by troops storming the beaches at Normandy… and the entire cast of RuPaul’s Drag race. Mark was the firstborn son of Warren and Donna of “House Hasman”. Mark Warren Bartholemue Hasman was a glorious specimen; a body that was sculpted to the proportions of Michelangelo’s “David”, intellect that rivals Galileo, and a voice that can pacify the angriest grizzly bear within seconds.

Today in REVOICED, we celebrate our very own Mark Hasman. We love him dearly despite the fact that he’s never seen a single Star Wars movie. Be sure to leave him a birthday message to let him know that he’s loved. We love you, Mark. Happy Birthday!