I met Rolin through our mutual friend back in late 2013. Scott Leonard, the musical powerhouse behind Rockapella (the group that opened the doors for groups like Pentatonix and other vocal ensembles like REVOICED) put me in touch with Rolin when I told him that REVOICED was in search for a new vocal bass. Without any reservation, I sent Rolin an email out of the blue explaining what REVOICED was about and asked if he would be interested in auditioning. He had some reservations but ultimately sent me audio clips to hear. Once I heard his voice, I knew that I NEEDED Rolin to be a part of this ensemble. In my mind, if I could get Rolin on board, he would help position this group a step closer to what I always envisioned REVOICED could become. 

Since his start with REVOICED, Rolin has become so much more than a bandmate to the other guys and myself. His personality is larger than life. His confidence is contagious and invigorates everyone both onstage and off with ease. He’s an absolute clown and knows how to bring the best out of others around him. More importantly, he’s become a brother to all of us in REVOICED and has been a driving force that has lured in many fans over the years and kept REVOICED pushing forward. 

So, on behalf of your RVCD bros, I want to wish the happiest of birthday’s to Rolin Alexis. May you continue to be the bozo that you are and I hope that we can make music together until we turn old and wrinkly together. 




1 thought on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROLIN!!!”

  1. Donalyn Carmichael

    Happy Birthday, Rolin!! I just had the privilege of hearing you and your group recently at the Tarpon Springs Art Center, in FL. I spoke with you during the half time, and you are such a dynamic personality. Your low bass voice and versatility are just amazing, along with your choreography skills. You are a real asset for reVoiced!! I love how they give back to Music Education Programs across America, as well, as I am a former Music Education teacher. Your program was absolutely amazing!!

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